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I am a running FRED that needs help.(6 posts)

I am a running FRED that needs help.spookyload
Jan 12, 2004 4:50 PM
I have been riding for years, and have recently just started a running program. I don't have asperations of Tri's, but am using the running to keep fit for the winter till next season of riding. I also plan to keep running next year on the days I can't ride.

I started in mid-October running two and a half miles every other day. I was still riding at the time, so it was the off days from riding. Since november, it has been three miles a day five days a week. Like I said, I am not a serious runner. I did notice during October that the cross training was giving a little more zipp to my biking just in the few weeks I was doing both on a regular basis.

Here is my question finally. Should I be increasing the mileage? I still seem to plod along at the same nine minute mile pace, and don't feel like I have gotten any stronger. The effort level has been the same for the last month. It isn't getting any easier in other words. When I ride, it seems like I get used to the effort, and it becomes second nature to do a training ride. If I try to go harder in the first mile, I struggle with the last mile and still average nine minute miles. If increasing the mileage is in order, how much should I do it by? I don't have any training goals for running except for general winter fitness, so is there any reason to increase the workout?

Last question of my drivel...every morning I wake up my legs are stiff and sore. It only lasts for an hour or so, but it is every morning. My legs are never sore when I ride, so this is concerning. I was thinking it would go away after the first weeks, but it has persisited. If I take a couple motrin, it goes away for the day, but I really don't like taking meds I don't need to. As for stretching, I do around fifteen minutes before and five minutes after. I actually do it as a ritual in hopes it will end the stiffness.

Thanks for any help offered. Is there a running site like this where a total noob fred can get some running tips?
re: I am a running FRED that needs help.back bacon
Jan 15, 2004 5:53 PM
You don't need to increase the mileage if you don't feel like it at this time but you could play around with what you are covering. How about some fartleks, or intervals, or tempos. You don't need to kill yourself doing them but if you aren't feeling any stronger that is usually a sign of not pushing yourself hard enough or at least in a different direction. Running the same distance over and over doesn't result in much. Some speed work, some recovery runs, a nice brick workout all can be very helpful in getting as much as you can from your running and helping with the cycling. Challenge yourself to some speed work. You could set some training goals for the winter base training to help motivate yourself for the above styles of runs. As for stiffness, are you properly warming yourself before the main run? Are you doing a cool down after the run and stretching immediately afterwards? How about strides afterwards at about 75-80% of your maximum effort?
Just some thoughts for you.
Thanks for the ideasspookyload
Jan 15, 2004 7:29 PM
I hate intervals on the bike, so I am sure they will be just as fun running. Someone suggested that on a day of speed to use a track. Run a lap, then when you get to where you started do a sprint the width of the field and back. When you go across and back to where you started, do another recovery lap around the track. Repeat the process for about eight laps. Sounds like work.
Thanks for the ideasback bacon
Jan 16, 2004 6:58 AM
Yes track training is something to do. Even long distance runners like myself, (I'm a Duathlete) will use short to long distances for speed work. For example 100m sprints followed by 400 or 800m jogs. Repetition of course depends on season, upcoming races, fitness. But I think if I was using a track to train on I wouldn't run width wise across the field. Stay on the nice level, no surprise potholes or slippery grass surface of the track. If you don't like interval training then keep the sprint parts short. Fartleks are a great way to train as well rather than the more disciplined track Intervals. Jog at a good pace with a heart rate somewhere around Level 2 (base) and pick a spot ahead of you to accelerate to at an aerobic heart rate, like Level 4 or 5. Once you get to it, come back down in speed until your heart rate recovers, jog some more until you feel like taking off again. These are more enjoyable because rather than having specific distances or times for intervals you can just choose to run to the next stop sign, or light post, or mail get the idea.
re: I am a running FRED that needs help.Vimalakirti
Jan 24, 2004 2:00 PM
IMO, running the same distance and pace every day is totally boring. If you mix things up a little you might actually find yourself enjoying running more. Track workouts are one option. When I'm not training for anything in particular I prefer tempo runs. Since you're a rider, you probably have an hr monitor and know roughly what your lactate threshhold is. Choose a pace that will keep you near, but just under your threshhold if you hold it for 20 minutes. (If you're doing 9 min miles comfortably, that might be somewhere around a 7:30/mi pace.) Warm up by jogging easy for 5-10 minutes, do your 20 minute tempo pace, and then do another 5-10 minute cooldown. I often enjoy these more than my regular easy runs, especially on cold winter days.

I find running gets my calves more sore than cycling does. If that's where you're feeling it, make sure to do lots of calf stretches. Otherwise you might get Achilles Tendonitis. But running on flat ground hardly does anything for your quads--I'd be surprised if that's where you're getting your soreness.

You'll get lots more advice at the Runner's World website:,1300,,00.html?site=RunnersWorld. They have forums too.

You might also think of doing a duathlon or two for motivation--no wetsuit required, and it's always fun to burn all of those runners on the bike leg.
Alright, I give.bos615
Jan 28, 2004 2:52 AM
What the heck is a FRED? I'm new to the forum and the sport for that matter. I've been trying to figure out what a FRED is, and I have some ideas but that's it. Sorry for another nugget question, try to be kind.