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Need a "rash guard" type top(2 posts)

Need a "rash guard" type topboyd2
Oct 27, 2003 10:35 AM
I am looking for a swimming top that can do lots of stuff:

1. Provide some protection from sea nasties. I often swim in the Chesapeake bay (nettles) and I will spend some time swimming in Jamaica this winter (box jellies and Man O'war).

2. Provide some warmth (water to about 65F). I know 65 is kind of cold but I am swimming barebacked now. The great majority of my swimming is warm water.

3. Provide some flotation.

4. Should be multifunctional. I would like to be able to do triathalons, SCUBA dive and surf in this so that I can justify the cost.

5. Inexpensive enough so that I don't break the bank.

Does anyone have a product that I can try?
Oct 27, 2003 1:39 PM
isn't going to provide floatation. will provide mimimal warmth though. Not multifunctional for scuba.

I'd just get yourself a 1/2 sprinsuit; Oni or RC.

1. Not outrageously priced like 'tri' wetsuits.
2. Very multifunky for all purposes (dont believe the equipment elitists that say tri suits are better for swimming....ive been swimming in my surf suits for two decades).
3. Good for the mid sixties up to high 70's on chilly days.
4. For most people, floatation is most important at the hips/legs. Having floatation just on the torso isnt gonna buy you much.

If you really insist on blowing money on a 'tri specific' suit, QR has a shorty for about abuck80.