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Can a cycling day count as recover for running?(3 posts)

Can a cycling day count as recover for running?witcomb
Oct 14, 2003 5:54 PM
I am a cyclist and would hope to be able to compete in a couple tri's next year. However, I am not a runner so I'd need alot of work over the winter which I'm hoping to get in but I'd still plan on cycling as well. So, many people say running has no help to cycling and vice versa because each use different muscles. Can I then run on a cycling recovery day and can I cycle on a running recovery day? This does seem like I'd be pushing things a lot, but hey it sounds good.

- Neil
Yes and No...Marketing Dept
Oct 15, 2003 8:47 AM
Yes, if your hard running day is followed by an easy bike. No, if your hard running day is followed by a hard bike.

The "different muscle group" is not entirely true. True there are groups that are required more than others, but they all are used in both activities.

While not mainstream, I follow a program that will focus on one disipline each week. For example, I will practice my running race on week one then my biking race on week two.

During each week, I work on swimming as hard as I can. These workouts tend to be shorter as far as time duration goes.

I call on running, biking and swimming every week, but really push one discipine. I find this keeps me fresh and looking forward to the next weeks worth of work.

Knock on wood, I am a consistent age group winner and injury free for many years.
re: Can a cycling day count as recover for running?back bacon
Oct 22, 2003 6:35 AM
Yes is the basic answer to your question. It all has to do with adjusting the intensity or duration. Also it can depend on your ability to recover. I'll go hard biking (interval) on day one and then follow it up on day two with an easy 5km run. The reverse is also true. A good hard tempo run on day one followed by a nice easy bike on day two. I may go hard bike day one, hard run day two, rest day three. The greatest "help" one discipline does for the other is to reduce the chances of injury by cross training. I'm a duathlete so my legs are getting punished all of the time. My training days are either running, cycling or pushing weights or of course a combination during a split routine day.