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Race report from this weekend (long)(3 posts)

Race report from this weekend (long)boyd2
Oct 6, 2003 6:12 AM
I did a Osprey sprint triathalon in Snow hill Maryland and things went really well. It was a beautiful day about 68F and sunny but with 15 to 20 MPH winds. I was surprised at how many "hardcore" triathaletes I saw. I was talking to the guy that parked next to me and he was getting ready for the Hawaii Ironman next month! I wonder why he would be running a Sprint Tri? There was also a bus load of US Naval Accademy athalets there. They really swept the first 30 places in the overall standings.

By far the worst part. The water was 65F. I only saw a few other people without wetsuits. Tri-Rich's words from the post below were ringing in my ears just before the start. I was wearing only bike shorts. I could not get into the water early to warm-up because I was really worried about getting too cold. I figured that it would be better to deal with the shock then spend 10 more minutes in the water. I jumped in with 4 minutes to go. We were swimming into the wind and 1 foot chop the whole time. I had a really hard time settling into the swim because I was swallowing a lot of water and I could not breathe well (due to the cold). The water was only about 5 feet deep for most of the course and I ended up running about half of the course so that I could breath. I got out of the water in 121st place. Not as good as I had hoped, but because I was in the first wave to go it felt like I was in a much better position.

Went pretty well. My feet were numb and I had a hard time getting my socks and jersey on. Next time I am going with a full zip jersey.

Went really well. I was moving as fast as I could have hoped for. About as many people passed me as I passed. I was hanging with the big boys on the bike. The wind really slowed down the pace. I ended up with a 21-MPH average speed from t1 to t2. I came out of the bike leg in 49th place.

I made two tactical errors. I took off a sock by accident. It was really hard getting it back on. My feet were still pretty numb from the swim. The second error was tying my shoe too tight. It did not help my foot numbness. I stripped off my jersey and hit the road. Next time I may do the bike barebacked also.

I had a pretty good run. I kept up a good pace and was able to kick some at the end. My 5k time was 25:17. A pretty good triathalon time for a slow guy like me, but definitely something that needs improvement.

272 finishers
I was:
64th Overall (Damm those USNA athletes!)
55th among all men
6th in age group (M30-34) I am really pleased with that.

Things to work on for next time:
More speed training for the run. A different jersey, or none at all for the bike. More open water swimming to get used to the wind and waves. And of course no more cold water swimming without a wetsuit.
Nice report...Marketing Dept
Oct 6, 2003 11:18 AM
Glad to see you are so detailed about the transitions. They have always been my secret weapon. I used to be surprised at how many swimmers passed me only to be taken again before they left T-1.

Your goals are sound, more speed work on the run and have that wetsuit on standby.

Keep working on the transitions. Include practice T's every Saturday when you do your bricks.
Nice report...yeahRich_Racer
Oct 7, 2003 10:32 AM
Really similar to my experience of a first tri. Do you think everyone has roughly the same first tri?!