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Warning, Troll...Scott Tinley is the greatest Triathlete(1 post)

Warning, Troll...Scott Tinley is the greatest TriathleteMarketing Dept
Aug 13, 2003 8:42 AM
Even though I consider myself a tri-geek, I spend most of my time on the Bike or Racing forums. There just seems to be more provoking discussion there.

However, I do consider Tinley the greatest. Maybe not in overall top finishes, but perhaps in the area of longevity and being consistent.

It just so happens that I aim for those same qualities in my athletic career. Being over 40, I am sad to say that all of my lowest times are behind me. But, my best times (best meaning how much I enjoy the sport) are right now and even more to come.

As I look at Tinley's career, I give him the highest marks. While always placing in a respectable fashion, creating a business from a new sport (I still have some Tinley shorts and singlets) and still having fun and being fit, he is the best.

Anyone want to point out others who have made contributions to the sport we now enjoy?