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Bike leg: Why Carry Water???(4 posts)

Bike leg: Why Carry Water???hikerryank
Jul 25, 2003 10:42 AM
The question about Lance and water in the General forum led me to wonder why we take full waterbottles during the bike leg. Many of us have spent thousands of dollars to get the lightest, stiffest most aerodynamic bike possible. Then we fill our waterbottles with at least a pound of H2O and consider nothing of it. But how often do people actually finish a whole waterbottle before the next feed station. With the recent articles showing that over-hydration is actually more harmful than dehydration and the magazines such as runner's world pointing out that the fastest marathoners can't drink and carry the pace they are running, I wonder why we don't just take a couple sips of the water and toss the bottle? Is this a formula for DNFing or perhaps a way to increase my pace just enough to edge out my friends?
re: Bike leg: Why Carry Water???empacher6seat
Jul 25, 2003 3:18 PM
Well, first off, a water bottle on either the seat tube or the down tube makes your bike MORE aerodynamic then without. Unless you're competing at the very highest of levels, a tiny bit of extra weight (weight that you lose as you drink the water, mind you) wont really make any difference to your time.

Overhydration can be a problem. However, unless you're drinking endless liters before the start, drinking one bottle of water will not cause overhydration.

None of the races I've done have had feed zones, so I always carry a bottle or two. Even if I don't finish them, they're there incase I would need them.

Even though the fastest marathoners can't drink and keep pace, 99% of us aren't the fastest runners or bikers. We take longer to get to the feed zones, and would rather give up a second here and there to be comfortably hydrated then to risk dehydration.
re: Bike leg: Why Carry Water???Steve_0
Jul 28, 2003 8:09 AM
If you're well hydrated, you could probably survive sprints no problem. But what happens in a longer race if you miss the feed station?

Like the other poster said, a pound of weight is de minimus on a flat course. You could ride with 5 extra pounds and your penalty would be mere seconds.
Run out of water = Bad Tri ExperienceMisJG
Aug 22, 2003 10:50 AM
The worst tri I ever did happened when I ran out of water on the bike. I too thought I would save some weight and not bring any extra water bottles. I only filled the aero bottle on my handlebars and left my cages empty. "Hey, they have water bottles on the bike turnaround, I'll just grab a bottle there and it'll be perfect." Wrong. I was exteremely thirsty after exiting the water and once I got on the bike, I drank all of the water/gatorade I had in the aero bottle. Now I had to ride 20-30 min "dying of thirst". Well, I got to the bike turnaround, grabbed a bottle and IT WAS ONLY 1/3 FULL!! WTF!! Now I was gonna have to finish on a few mouthfulls of water. I never really recovered after that. Legs cramping during the run. I could never re-hydrate during the race. Only after where I could just sit and drink for hours. An ounce of prevention (or even 20 oz standard waterbottle) is worth a pound of cure. BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLES!!
PS. For those who care, it was an olympic distance tri. Mrs T's Chicago. Don't know the year.