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Did my first brick today- chest pain?(4 posts)

Did my first brick today- chest pain?globalhelipimp
Jul 23, 2003 10:59 AM
Background info:

I'm 19 years old, 5'8-9", 145lbs, and in healthy shape.
July 6th, 2003 I picked up my Lemond Zurich and have begun
putting miles on. Since then, my ODO reads ~240 miles, and
today I did my usual 22-24 mile ride. The weather was
sunny, around 78-81 F, slight wind, and humidity between
60-70%; I live in the suburbs of Syracuse, NY.

I've been deciding whether or not to do a sprint tri on
August 10th, and figured I'd try to do some running after
my ride and see what happened. After I finished riding, I
drank the rest of my 50/50 water/gatorade (about 1/5 bottle
left), grabbed two graham crackers, and headed out the door
with intentions to run for 20 minutes. 10 minutes into the
run my chest started to hurt a bit, and I decided to call
it a day.

Any idea what this might be caused by? If I haven't been
swimming yet, should I do the tri or would it be too much?

I don't have a swimming background, but I did track and
cross-country all through high school, and feel that if
I run everyday after my ride, gradually building up my
minutes, the run section of the tri would be covered.

Thoughts, suggestions, etc?


Sounds like a stitch. . .js5280
Jul 24, 2003 2:16 PM
which is common when running, particularly if you haven't been running much lately. Typically you just have to slow down and you're not supposed to eat or drink from what I've heard. I think you'll be fine if you slowly increase your training distances (for swim, bike, and run). TriNewbies ( ) has probably the best information I've seen on preparing for your first triathlon, you might also look to see if there is a Triathlon Club in your area. Good luck with your training, hope this info helps!
re: Did my first brick today- chest pain?rrjc5488
Jul 24, 2003 6:30 PM
When we did Intervals in track last season, all of the guys on our team got these early in the season. I beleive its from your breathing patterns and your muscles that contract and relax your diaphragm. These muscles may be cramping up due to overuse. You should do some intervals, or fartlek runs to strenghten these muscles, or at least getting them used to breathing hard. hope this helps, just remember, i may be totally wrong! haha
On that note, breath normally.Jervis
Aug 5, 2003 4:52 PM
When I ran cross country in highschool my breathing rate went way up when I ran and I got the same problem. My coach always told everyone it's better to try and keep roughly the same breathing rate, at least until your body really needs the extra O2. I found slowing down your breathing helps with the pain, though it takes a real conscious effort.