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Help with Transitions, any tips?(3 posts)

Help with Transitions, any tips?CN2071
Jul 22, 2003 8:03 AM
I am a tri newbie, my first one is a sprint tri this weekend. Any tips on having a fast smooth transition? Question 2. My run leg is probably my worst and least enjoyable. Should I go all out on the swim and bike to make up for the time I lose in the run? thanks
Practice makes perfect........or at least betterZeGopha
Jul 22, 2003 8:46 AM
To answer you first question. Make sure you practice, and when you can't practice go over everything you're going to do in your head. You can mentally prep almost anywhere (during a boring meeting, on your way home from work, before you go to bed, ect...) For your running shoes I recomend lace locks, for you bike shoes a shoe horn.
To answer your second question, I wouldn't recomend it. Some people who have done a lot of these before, and know all of their limits during competition can stumble through the run leg. But for your first one, go at the pase you think you can hold and have fun. Remember, your first tri isn't about your time, it's about beating your own dark self, and having fun. GOOD LUCK!
re: Help with Transitions, any tips?brider
Jul 22, 2003 10:58 AM
Echoing ZeGopha on treating the run with respect. If you're a strong runner, you'll do okay if you hammer the swim and bike. Better if you don't. If you're not a strong runner, it'll be A LOT worse. If you don't like running to begin with, you'll HATE it coming off the bike if you put it all on the line there.

Transitions -- for a sprint, go for minimalism. No clothing changes. If the event does not require a shirt, go without and use a number belt. If it does require it, wear whatever you'll ride/run in under your wetsuit. If not wetsuit legal (for whatever reason), then roll up the top like a condom and put it on accordingly. If your cycling shoes don't open up enough to slip on over wet feet, then the shoehorn idea is golden. Lace-locks on the running shoes is a must. Go sockless.

Lay out your transition area in the order you'll put things on. When you're setting up, walk the entire transition before race time -- from water exit to ride start, and ride finish to run start. Count the number of racks each direction and remember that. Look for landmarks that you can double check with when in a hurry (not something that could be hidden by spectators).

Swim sighting -- don't rely on being able to see the bouys. Take a minute or two to find some tall objects to sight from. Bouys and swim caps can start looking a lot the same with the frenzied motion of arms around you.