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Anyone do the tupper lake half on the 28th?(2 posts)

Anyone do the tupper lake half on the 28th?rrjc5488
Jul 5, 2003 9:04 AM
I was going to do it, but mother nature decided i shouldnt have the time to train for it. It rained for about a month straight on long island. anyway i was just wondering if anyone did it and how it went
re: Anyone do the tupper lake half on the 28th?gebbyfish
Jul 5, 2003 1:48 PM
See my post below. It was my first triathlon, and aside from the swim part I think I did pretty well. I'm looking forward to it next year. Was disappointed when there was no post-race BBQ. They gave out $7 coupons to eat in participating local establishments, and as we were staying in Long Lake, I didn't stick around. The kids were itching to get back to the motel so we could swim in the lake. Lots of people. Plenty of support(i.e. water, powerade) at all the stations. If you do it be sure to get bugsprayed before the run part in the woods! Don't use Pam as your wet suit lubricant, as I heard someone did. Surely, the bugs most have swarmed her. I'm planning on doing shorther distances the rest of the summer, to get used to the mass of humanity that is the swim. I did think the waves had too many people in them(125-150), but apparently this is if anything a smallish number. Friends who have done Hawaii tell me that 1,000 swimmers will go off all at once in that setting!