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First Triathalon Race Report(3 posts)

First Triathalon Race Reportboyd2
Jun 30, 2003 8:03 AM
I have wanted to do a sprint tri for some time. I train about as much as my schedule allows, and unfortunately that is really not that much. I had been planning a 1500m/25mile/3.1mile race this weekend, but the promoter canceled it a few weeks ago. As luck would have it I found a tri sponsored by a local swim club as a fundraiser for the swim team. It was cheep and close so I decided to do it. Unfortunately it was also very short 400m/14miles/3.1. I was worried that I would not place as well in this sort of race, as I am a longer distance guy, plus I am a slow swimmer/strong biker and I wanted a long bike leg to make up time. Also I figure that I would have a better average time over a longer swim.

Anyhow, I got to the race plenty early for the 730 start, racked my bike and got registered. Number 94. I realized how significant that was because number 1 starts at 730, number 2 at 731, ect. I had to wait around 1.5 hours, and that bummed me out. Plus with this type of start there is no pack, and fewer "targets" to chase down. For a competitive guy like me targets are important. I was able to watch transitions and saw one funny one. A mother was out of the pool and getting dressed. Her two kids were right beside her. One was yelling "Bobby hit me!" and the other "Jane scratched me!" or something like that. She said "mommy is racing now, talk to your father". I thought that was great.

The swim was in an 8-lane lap pool. The idea was up and back in each lane and then transition to the next lane. I noticed two girls from the local swim team behind me in line. I started and was careful not to blow up. I have no idea how fast to swim a 400m. Well the next swimmer was 1 minute behind me and in lane 3 or 4 she dropped me like a bad habit. I felt like I was standing still. The next swimmer passed me in the last lap. I was ticked off, and decided to turn up the heat. I actually recall saying "son of a B&$@h " out loud under water. In the end I think that my 400m pace was about the same as my 1500m pace. That was exactly what I was worried about.

I transitioned at the pool and ran the 300 yards to my bike. I was lucky to have MTB shoes. Those that didn't had to change 2x or go barefoot. Bike leg went great. I smoked both of those swim team girls in the first 4 miles. I also caught lots of people on MTB's. Only one biker passed me on a tri bike. I was able to hang with him to the end. T2 was really quick for me. I was rolling in no time. My problem was that I could not get a fast groove. I guess that I need more brick workouts. I only got passed a few times in the run, but I could not catch anyone. I was really trying to pick up the pace, but I could not do it. I made it to the end and felt that I could not sprint.

The funny thing was 10 minutes after the race I felt like I could go for another run. I found that strange. Any idea what causes that feeling? Unlike Gebbyfish in the post below I felt like I had something left in the tank at the end. I think that my biggest problem was that I ate and drank too much before the start. I actually think that not being utterly exhausted after the event actually detracted from my enjoyment. Next time I am going to go harder, eat and drink less, perhaps not wear a shirt and not get passed by high-school girls!
its only a race boyd2...your not a pro.....are you?wheelsucker
Jun 30, 2003 10:03 AM
getting passed by 2 high school girl swimmers isn't that bad(unless they were ugly and fat:)j/k, they excelled in the water because their swimmers. you smoked them on the bike becuase that's your strong leg(no punn intended:).I'm a competitive bike racer, but part of the reason for doing the tri's as well is that their aren't as many elitist alpha males in tri's. you see more people doing it for fun or semi competitive. unless your a pro or trying to go pro you shouldn't take it that seriously
its only a race boyd2...your not a pro.....are you?boyd2
Jun 30, 2003 11:16 AM
I hear you, and ultimately I just do it for fun. But, I have this deep competetive streak. BTW I shared a laugh about it with the 2nd passer after the race. I also like to crack a joke when anyone passes me, just to keep it light.