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Finished First Triathlon!(2 posts)

Finished First Triathlon!gebbyfish
Jun 29, 2003 2:36 PM
I just got back from doing Tupper Lake Triathlon in the Adirondacks. I've posted for advice several times and several people wanted to know how I made out. Finished in 5:51 and am pleased. Wanted to get in realistically between 6 and 7 hours and when I looked at my watch on the run and saw I could break 6 hours I kicked it up a notch over the last three miles, as I felt like I had a little left in the tank. Definitely disappointed in my swim as I finished in about 45 minutes, and feel I should do at least 5 minutes faster, as someone I swim with who was in the triathlon and is a little slower in the pool put about 6 minutes into me on his swim. I found the swim very disorienting being jostled, swum over and into and going off course a few times. Also finished in a bit of pain, as I had no idea what that extra flap of neoprene at the top of the zipper did, so I tucked it in, not realizing it prevents the zipper and seam from digging into your neck! I got out of the water to my wife saying, "You're bleeding". Later, she looked and thinks I wore a mole off my neck! She hated that mole anyway, so she gets something out of the event as well. Need to work on transitions, as I think they put the T2 time into the bike time, and I figure it took me ten minutes to get out on the run. Needed to spend some time stretching the back out, as on one of my bricks, not stretching caused major cramping on the run. As I sprinted, okay ran as fast as I could into the finish line, I heard one spectator say, "They sure do run, don't they!". Probably, my proudest moment, because I feel like I left it all on the course. Planning on doing a few olympics or sprints over the summer to get used to the swim/not drowning part of the event and then striving to do better at Tupper next year. Overall, extremely pleased. Thanks to all who posted advice to me!

Paul Gebhard #408
Me Toor-kelley
Jun 30, 2003 6:54 AM
Great Job. I was there too, and with you on the swim. I was way off course several times and had the rescue boat people telling me to turn. Finished it in 47:16. I was done at that point and came out of the water looking drunk and staggering all over the place. Had a real hard time getting the zipper to come undone and think I spent a good 10 minutes in the transition. Bike was much slower than I hoped, but I think it was because of the transition and being spent from the swim. Did that in 2:47:33. My transition to the run went really well and I was out in about 2 minutes or less. I was munching on some gummi bear type things but stomach couldn't take them (worked while in training but never got to train in 90 degree weather) so I yelled to some kids that if their mom would let them eat them, they could have the candy and tossed it to them. Finished the run in 1:44:21 for an overall time of 5:19:10. I was really happy with that and plan on getting into the water a lot more over the next year. I'm also picking up my new Aegis Trident later in the week so I'll be ready for the next one. Thanks to everyone who offered me advice and look forward to seeing you all at some race in the future. Great job again Paul.

Ryan Kelley