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The cost of a triathlon....(2 posts)

The cost of a triathlon....ClydeTri
Jun 24, 2003 5:58 AM
I am coming as this as a director of a medium sized triathlon, 350 to 400 athletes. What do we charge? $35 early entry with NO USAT daily fee. Where does the money go?

Shirts, quality shirts arent cheap, and there are lots of volunteers, many more than a road race.

Equipment rental to include a truck, canoes, etc.

There is a large food cost. We have soft drinks, gatoraide, pizza, ice cream, fruit, cookies, etc. Ice.

Awards, not cheap with so many age groups.

Registration forms/postage.

Championchip timing services.

Some, many, races pay their directors. A track club in this general area pays $4,000 to their director. Many are ran by incorporated clubs for profit. We give our profit to charity. I dont make a cent.

We save many racers the $9 daily USAT fee by not sanctioning. We then must buy our own insurance which is not cheap, we carry $2 million in liability.

I am sure I have missed things, but, if we get our limit of racers we can usually donate about $2000 from entry fees and $2500 from our "name" sponsor to our charity with no profit being made by our club.

Yes, I think one should look at costs of races and where that money goes. Given a choice between a $35 race run by a club for charity and a $45 race run by an incorporated group, you might opt for the slightly less formal race.

My opinion of these ironman length race fees is they are obscene. They are a cash cow and are being put on by companies for profit. Nothing wrong with that in our society, but, it does help eliminate some people of limited means from being able to participate. Triathlon is an expensive sport with equipment, training, travel and registration costs, so we dont need these ridiculous $300 entry fees... off my soapbox
Very good pointZeGopha
Jun 24, 2003 6:39 AM
I was invloved in a triathlon club for a while that put on a quality race. They went for the cheap end of things nd tried to be as afforable as possible, but they still made a lot of money each year. Someday I intend toput together a quality triathlon and charge a lot less. If enough people do it other races will be forced to drop their prices also.