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1 mile swim times for a newb(2 posts)

1 mile swim times for a newbwheelsucker
Jun 13, 2003 3:22 PM
am just starting to get into tri's after racing road bikes for the past 3 years and am just wondering what an ok swim time would be to shoot for for a first timer. the swim is 1 mile long, I know I can make up time on the bike but I don't want to be a total disgrace in the water. Also how many laps in a standard lap pool=1 mile?

the newb
re: 1 mile swim times for a newbSteve_0
Jun 17, 2003 4:21 AM
no such thing as disgrace in the water. IME, swimmers dont have the elitist attitude many cyclists have. People are just happy youre out and enjoying the water. Besides, no matter how good you are, some 12 year old or 90 year old is still gonna exit the water just in front of you. Just enter a race and enjoy.

Also, open water isnt like pool; there's no 'normal' time. Tides, chop, course-type (out-back, loop, one-way), number of markers and salt water all affect time.

Having said all that, I'd say 'middle pack' would be roughly 20-30 minutes.

As far as laps; who said 'I'll never need this in the real world' during 6th grade math?

5280 feet per mile; 6076 per nautical mile (check who's measuring).
'standard pool'; assuming you mean half-olympic = 25 yards.
1 lap = 150 feet (up and back).
5280/150 or 6076/150 = 35 or 40 laps