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Denver Triathlon Clubs/Groups?(2 posts)

Denver Triathlon Clubs/Groups?movefaster2000
Jun 12, 2003 2:10 PM
I am getting back into tri's and am looking to start training with some faster/better people. Anyone have any experience or opinions on the various clubs in the Denver/Lakewood area? In addition, besides some of the road riding clubs(such as RMCC), are there any fast pace and high caliber road rides in the area? I know of the Meridian rides during the week, but would like something on the weekends too. If anyone wants to get together for some hard training sessions, feel free to contact me at
Two Tri clubs in Denver. . .js5280
Jun 26, 2003 12:40 PM
There's the BikeSource/Mammoth Multisport, their webpage is and they are down south in Littleton. The other is up in Westminster/Northglenn. I've been helping Michael Redman with the Front Range Tri Club. We just started this year but have some good athletes who have placed top 5/10 in the 30-35 age group and overall and looking for more members. We also raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and some of us plan to go down to Austin this Oct. I'd look into Wheatridge Cyclery for group rides since it's close by, I'd assume they have some ringers there, maybe even Ron Kiefel (sp?) since he owns the shop. Bike Source has a real nice store off of Univesity and County Line Rd, I'd think they'd have some decent group rides. Louisville Cyclery has some good rides with a fast A group and B groups supposedly. Boulder has a large tri club, 125+ too, but these others would be closer for you and give you north/south options.

I'll be up competing this weekend at Lake to Lake Tri, as well as Michael, President of the FRTC. We should have a desk set up there, as well some other clubs I'd imagine. Stop on by and say hi. My name is John and I can be reached at JS5280 at hotmail dot com if you have any other questions.