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Just did first tri - Biking - passing during race question(3 posts)

Just did first tri - Biking - passing during race questionDamn
May 5, 2003 11:41 AM
I just finished my first tri this past Saturday. I was very aware of not drafting and passing quickly. I noticed other people who passed me would draft the person in front of them and then pass. While they were only behind the slower rider briefly, they still benefit from a little draft and the slingshot effect. I was wondering if this was legal? I guess my question is can I ride right up someone else's wheel and then immediatlty pass them?

As for my first tri here are the results
age 35 - 39 group, I'm 35
600 meter swim 15:47 rate 1.4
11 mile bike 34:49 22.1 mph ave.
5K run 22:06 7:08 pace
1:12:41 total time

I really died on the swim. After so much practice learning the crawl, all I could manage was the breaststroke. I need open water practice, I have five more tri's this summer.
re: Just did first tri - Biking - passing during race questionbm
May 5, 2003 2:59 PM
congrads on your tri . . . looks like you need to be tested in an olympic . . heh

i've done two sprint tris before, but didn't rely on a training plan . . . then on sunday i just completed my first olympic with my collegiate team . . . oh what pain

i trained well, didn't place well, but i had tons of fun and learned a lot . . . it only gets better!

anyway, about the drafting . . . my guess is that you probably can't ride a wheel and then pass, because that's still drafting. but then again, riding along side a person also technically saves energy. also, the reason they might pass that way is because you can only pass in a certain time. if you spend too much time in the 'passing' lanes, they could penalize you for blocking.

maybe someone else can clarify these rules. also, look up the USAT rules online - maybe you'll read something there . . . there always adding something.
The Rules Say.....cholla
May 5, 2003 6:01 PM
That it's perfectly legal:

A participant may enter the drafting zone without penalty only under the following conditions:

(1) When entering the drafting zone from the rear, closing the gap, and overtaking all within no more than 15 seconds.

USA Triathlon, Rule 5.10.

Based on that, I'd say it's legal, provided you are not breaking any other rule - i.e. don't come so close to the other rider as to endanger or frighten them, or otherwise act unsafely, and you'll be fine. You're right, there may be some slingshot effect if the rider is moving fast enough compared to your speed.