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problems with getting my aerobars set up(3 posts)

problems with getting my aerobars set upGall
Mar 23, 2003 3:09 PM

I have a Trek Y foil size 49 cm. My 5200 is a 52.

Anyhow, I m trying to get my y foil set up with aerobars with keeping the same geometry as my 5200. Both bikes have a top tube length of 61cm. I have a 120 stem on the y foil and a 100 stem on the 5200.

So, I was using profile airstrykes and didnt feel right. I got a set of Jammer GT's based on the research I found that using the Jammer's on a road set up is better. With the Jammers I feel like they are too close to me and when I stand I hit my knees on the pads.

As a rule, when setting up a bike with aerobars using a road set up do I need to use a longer stem then what I would use on a road bike without aero bars?

Please help me get this mess figured out!!! :-)

re: problems with getting my aerobars set upZeGopha
Mar 23, 2003 4:36 PM
Trying to keep this simple, first 61cm toptube? Do you mean 51? With the Y-foil a slightly longer stem might help, but with a 49 cm bke it would probably affect your handling. What you say about the airstrikes seems to be comfort or position related. You can try moving them closer together, but the way the airstryke work you will probably be limited. What you said about the jammers doesn't supprise me. The jammer is more of an ITU legal bar and moving to a smaller bike is going to make fit worse. If you want to stay with profile you may try the aerolite. I realize you have already probably put down quite a bit of money, but those will let you change width, lenght, and the pads will be located right over the handlebar. Hope this helps.

The aerobar lovin rodent.
61 cm is including the stem and top tube (nm) (thanks)Gall
Mar 23, 2003 8:56 PM