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Aero clip on roadbike: set up and model recs.(3 posts)

Aero clip on roadbike: set up and model recs.StupidLight
Mar 17, 2003 6:53 AM
(Duplicate to post in main discussion board)

A swimmer/runner friend of mine just got a Specialized Allez Comp road bike, and wants to install a clip on to start training for triathlons.
Since he isn't the type who likes messing around with his gear, I want to put him in a position with road bars and STIs that will be comfortable for normal road riding & training and set up a clip-on basically as an alternate aero hand position.
Any recommendations on minimalist clip-ons that will still leave him the bar tops as a normal climbing/training position? Does anyone use an aero bar without the cup supports for the forearms?
Are there any rules of thumb for altering bar height and saddle position to accommodate the clip?
As a climber & MTBer who's never devoted much thought or energy to aerodynamics I'd appreciate any words of wisdom you triathletes & TT riders have to share.
re: Aero clip on roadbike: set up and model recs.brider
Mar 17, 2003 11:35 AM
You're gonna be pretty much SOL with the criteria you've set. My advice would be to get a set of Syntace C2s in the small size, or Profile Jammers, and only put them on when doing specific TT work or racing a tri or TT. For climbing type rides, take them off.
re: Aero clip on roadbike: set up and model recs.gbr3000
May 20, 2003 7:27 PM
Putting aero bars on a basic 73 deg. road bike has bad new all over it. It changes the weight on the bike and since your hips are still in the same position as they would be on drop bars, you will ultimaly have massive lower back problems, breathing trouble, and your pedal power will suffer. there is an excellent article at about this in the road v tri area.