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Feb 25, 2003 12:20 AM
Just like the last poster said, get a coach, a good coach should help you make major gains in your swimming.

Some drills to dry for the "s" pull would be catch up, starting first with a kickboard extended straight out ahead of you, face in the water, pulling one arm at a time. For the first few times trying this only work one arm per length, eg, all right pulls.

Concentrate on reach out, slightly ahead of the board and pulling deep and strong to catch as much water as possible.

Gradually work on alternating hands switching the grip of the board from hand to hand,

And then when you thing that you have a good handle on that, take the board away, try this with streamline, the most importaint part will be maintaining the non-pulling hand straight out infront of your shoulder, and on top of the water.

To work on the "s" pull, being out of the water facing a wall, perhaps a few inches away (8 inches?), think of the stroke in three parts, starting as high as you can reach, with your fingertips touching the wall (which is simlulating the direction of the bottom of the pool) begin a "C" shape outward from your hand position. If you were to use a piece of chalk in your hand the shape that you are going for would look more like a question mark for your right arm, streaching down well past your hip.

Just some thoughts.

Get a coach who can see you swim

oh... that didnt turn out right, was a reply to post below (nm)sctri
Feb 25, 2003 12:32 AM