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Bike in a suitcase?!?!?!?(3 posts)

Bike in a suitcase?!?!?!?marcow
Feb 21, 2003 11:24 AM
I do a lot of International travel, and am also doing a lot of races (including triathlons) abroad. The problem is that airlines are starting to do more and more difficult abour carrying bikes, and they are charging more and more as well (I do recall times when your bike could travel along as one of your suitcases).
Now I recall seeing an ad in a triathlon magazine about a road or triathlon bike of which even the frame could be taken appart, so that the whole thing (taken appart ofcourse)could fit into one maximum size suitcase allowed by the airline companies.
The problem is that I can't ind the ad anywhere anymore, neither can I find any info on such a bike anywhere. Is there anyone out there who does have information on a road or tri bike like that????????? I would highly appreciate a link or copy of the ad, or just any info will do.
For direct access to my e-mail: (please do not abuse access)
Thanks a million for any info coming my way. MARCO.
A couple options.brider
Feb 21, 2003 2:50 PM
There's the BikeFriday thing. It's essentially a folding bike based around some very small wheels, but rides much like a standard road bike. I've seen some in a few local crits. Don't know how they'd do in an aggressive tri position.

I think the coupling you're talking abouis the S&S system. Look for them here:
A couple more options.sctri
Feb 21, 2003 5:05 PM
There are some more options as well, has a road frame that comes apart with a similar system as the S&S. Its a ritchy at the bottom of the page...

Or there are slingshot bikes, they get really small and have a bike with tri-geometry if you are interested, I dont remember the site, but I am sure you could search for it