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Recommendations for light clincher (700 x 19 , 700 x 20)?(3 posts)

Recommendations for light clincher (700 x 19 , 700 x 20)?hrv
Feb 13, 2003 2:00 PM
Have my first time trial of the season coming up soon and the reports coming in from those that pre-rode the course are "it's like butter", which is understandable, since it was just freshly paved.It's a mostly flat course.

Was going to use my Axial Pro Race (700 x 23) tires but if I can shave even 30 seconds off with lighter tires that have less rolling resistance I'll do it. Any suggestions?

Been training on Spec. Armadillos ,700 x 26, wire bead, and feel like a tt'ing monster when I get on the Pro Race's!

Don't forget extralight tubes. . .js5280
Feb 20, 2003 10:37 AM
Sounds like the conditions favor use of ultralight tubes as well. You seemed concerned about weight, are there big climbs on the route? If not, you might want to look more into rolling resistance although weight is still a factor. I once used the Vredestein Fortezza's which seem to have a very low rolling resistance. No idea how they stack up on weight offhand. They are supposed to be used at 145psi so I think that helps improve rolling resistance. I don't have any scientific proof of this, it's just feel and faith. There were good tires though and if I could find them at decent price, I'd buy them again.
all kinds of Fortezzas on Ebay.jw25
May 9, 2003 1:41 PM
Most seem to run around $50 a set, if I recall. I don't know if they make a 20mm, though.
For a smooth TT, I'd be confident running a set of 20mm Conti Supersonics. I ran the 23mm version at 140 psi on a hilly 40K course, and they were nice.
Other good candidates are Panaracer Stradius TT (around $27 each online) and Vittoria Ultraspeed 20mm. If you aren't afraid of purple, Pariba Pro-Prologues are on Ebay for around $35 a set. They're made by Vredestein, and'll take 130 psi. They're marked as 21mm, and the pair I have are about that.
The thing is, a TT's about the only place you really want a 20mm high-pressure tire. Everywhere else, they're more prone to flats, ride harsher, and have more rolling resistance due to casing flex. For that reason, I wouldn't spend too much on them, and your Axial Pro Lights are very respectable TT tires in their own right.
Personally, I'm trying to figure out if a 23mm tire is really slower in a TT, using the same model in both widths. Takes a while to discount all the other variables, though.