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Xterra race in Georgia?(1 post)

Xterra race in Georgia?Kudzu Kannibal
Jan 15, 2003 6:49 AM
The schedule on the website had this event listed: Try-It-All Sports Xtreme ORT #1 in Cornella, GA on May 31st, 2003.

Now there is no Cornella in GA that I know of, but there is a Cornelia, NE of me beyond the other end of Lake Lanier, and there is a lake (not Lanier, but much smaller) nearby town. I have to think this is where it's at and considering SORBA is HQ'd in Gainesville (about 20 mins from Cornelia), it all makes sense.

DOES ANYONE...ANYONE AT ALL...Have any information on this race? XTerra has no link or information whatsoever and I am sure registration will be happening soon.

This will be my first off-road triathlon as I am hooked on mountain biking, especially with three fatalities that happened to roadies around here in 2002 (one of which I knew).