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Mavic wheels(2 posts)

Mavic wheelsKramer7
Dec 19, 2002 9:48 PM
Looking at purchasing another wheel set, because I'm sick of change over my racing tyres to training tyres.
I'm currently riding a Cannondale with Mavic CXP30 wheel set with hope hubs.
My question is I don't know how fast my current wheel set is, or whether to buy a training set or a racing set.

What type of wheel set should I be looking purchasing which would be used for multi-Sport and some road racing.

Cheers Kramer
Spend more, or spend less...sctri
Dec 20, 2002 4:55 PM
the short answer: Its totally up to you...

There are definitally faster wheelsets out there, and they will cost more. There are also slower/crappier/less reliable sets out there too, that you could get as a training set. (if you really want to)

Whenever someone askes what wheelset should I get, there is always the debate of aero vs weight, and the answer will depend on where you ride, how much you ride, and what qualities you value most in your wheels (strength, stiffness, pure-blinding-unadultered-speed, comfort etc)

Good luck with that tho,