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Warm running socks?(3 posts)

Warm running socks?fbg111
Dec 7, 2002 9:22 AM
Hi all, I've been doing sprint tri's starting this past summer, and due to the very short bike course I use standard flat/strap pedals and running shoes on my road bike instead of clipons. The time this system saves in the bike->run transition more than makes up for any extra little bit of speed I would get out on the bike course with dedicated biking shoes. Anyway, now that's it's winter I find that riding with running shoes does not protect my feet from the cold, and usually after about 20 miles, my feet are numb and I have to stop and warm them up. Anyone know of any really warm running socks/liners/anything that would help me keep my feet warm? I already know about the chilli pepper/cayenne powder trick, and will probably use that too, but I know very little about warm running socks and need to learn. Thanks!
Go with wool and toe coversbrider
Dec 9, 2002 10:40 AM
Running shoes just let way too much breeze flow through, as they're not made to be travelling at 25 mph. You'll need some kind of wind proof covers. Your platforms are much like old toe clips. I would think that you could find some decent covers that would go over the toe clips at a shop like REI or other shop that supports loaded touring.
Dec 27, 2002 2:39 PM
I got a pair of Cabelas gore-tex socks which should keep the wind out. Also got a pair of Shimano tri shoes and Speedplay pedals, so I might pick up a neoprene booty too. One way or the other, I think my numb feet problem is solved.