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Alcatrez and Wildflower sold out in hours??!?!?!?(2 posts)

Alcatrez and Wildflower sold out in hours??!?!?!?gnailuh
Dec 6, 2002 8:54 AM
What is wrong with this? I get on the 2nd to sign up and found out that they were both booked in hours?!!! It's a mad house now!

One more year I have to wait... one more year to train!

Anyone out there signed up?
yeah, you have to make a point to remember.curtybirdychopper
Dec 12, 2002 2:14 PM
It is mad, i agree. Those races are so popular. I must have signed up 2 hours before the race closed. I forgot to sign up on the sunday it opened, and thought I'd be okay all of the next day, but I did it in the morning and got lucky.

One interesting thing, I recently signed a petition to the US tri assoc. or somebody to allow registration transfers. It is a real bummer that transfers are illegal while probably tens or hundreds of athletes get sick, injured, etc and their entries go unused or people race illegally. i wish races could figure a way to transfer registrations in cases of injury or even otherwise.

btw, sorry you didn't get in. the wildflower race is a great time as i'm sure you know. maybe see you there in 2004!