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Sugesstions on TT stem?(2 posts)

Sugesstions on TT stem?Drupa
Dec 4, 2002 6:57 PM
Want to avoid the hyperlight variety - I have seen too many break. I am running a cowhorn bar with airstike 2000. Looking for a stiff and stable 110 - 120mm. I had been leaning toward the Thomson, but it seems like it may be a little too heavy at 200g. I would prefer a 4 bolt, but would like any advice on reliable stuff you guys have ridden.

I am 175lbs...

re: Sugesstions on TT stem?duncanmx
Mar 5, 2003 8:17 PM
Theres your problem right there in your post.
200 grams is NOT heavy for 3 lengths of pipe that connect your steering control to your fork. Pretty light really.

In any case the THOMSON stem is nice. Shouldn;t break in normal use, however if you are really paranoid pick up a titanium (Pricey) or steel (heavier, less "cool factor") - both will work. The other option is to buy an MTB stem if you can locate one in 1" (assuming thats your headset size...).

Last I checked RItchey made a nice steel stem but I think only AL now. Seven Cycles I beleive can sell you a nice Ti stem...
Lots of nice Aluminum stems out there including Thomson, Ritchey, ITM etc.
If you like Steel and can pay it try and order up a custom steel stem - at least no one else will have the same one!