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Transition Times (newbie asks About how long?)(4 posts)

Transition Times (newbie asks About how long?)rightsaidfred
Nov 19, 2002 1:26 PM
What are some Good, bad, and average times for transitions.

I am trying to estimate my first race time, and I've got it like this:

T1 Time (s)
Water to T1 30
Find bike 15
Strip suit 30
dip feet/don shoe 30
helmet 10
exit 30
total 2min 25sec

T2 (s)
find bike/rack 45
rem helmet 10
rem shoes 20
put on shoes 35
put on #tag 10
exit 20
total 2min 20sec

I have no idea if these are correct, but they seem like they would allow ample time to do each task, if done efficiently.

Thanks for any guidance.
re: Transition Times (newbie asks About how long?)brider
Nov 19, 2002 3:17 PM
First off, you're adding in a lot of variables that are out of your control. When I count transition time, I count what you can control. The "find your bike/rack" thing is something you take care of well before the gun goes off. Count the racks from the water and from the T2 entry. Use a LOUD towel to mark your spot. Good T1 times are in the neighborhood of 1 minute (not counting those things like running to T1 -- I did one race where there was a 200 yd run over grass and gravel to the T area). Stripping the suit can be mostly done while you're running from the water to the T area. T2 should be very fast -- 30 seconds or less. Here's my estimates:

Strip suit 15 (stripped to waist while running)
dip feet/don shoe 20 (you're using wide-mouthed shoes with straps only? do up the straps while on the bike)
helmet 10 (make sure you buckle it before even grabbing the bike)

rem helmet 0-5 (can do this when running the bike from T area entrance to rack, only takes one hand)
rem shoes 0-5 (again, velcro makes this easier. depending on the surface of the T area, you can unbuckle them and pull your feet out prior to entering T area)
put on shoes 20 (lace locks -- 'nuf said)
put on #tag 0 (use a number belt, and put it on while running)

Hope that helps. You can also check out some more tips in my primer: brider "Transitions" 5/14/02 10:26am
You can time yourself. . .js5280
Nov 20, 2002 9:11 PM
on some of these steps to get a ballpark figure. However, being wet, a little tired, with the adrenline pumping is going to be different than a practice transition. Concentrate on being systematic and focused. That should get you your fastest times. I've only done 3 tri's and it seems like there's always something I goof up, like starting to run with cycling gloves still on. Don't forget the start of the race too, that's transition too, just not timed. I've forgotten to put on sunscreen once, ouch.

Another funny story, I was first wave for a tri so I put my bike in the 1st wave racks. There was also a Du which technically was the 1st wave. I get out of the swim, proud of my time (I'm not a fast swimmer though, it was a PR), go to the racks and they were empty! I was so demoralized thinking I did okay on the swim portion but there was only one or two bikes there. I didn't figure out till a third into the bike I had mistakenly put it in the Du rack. Hilarious once I figured it all out!
re: Transition Times (newbie asks About how long?)gnailuh
Nov 25, 2002 8:45 PM
I don't think you can realistically estimate transition time. The courses are all so different... some you have to run for a while... some runs are on grass (easy), some on concrete (ok), and some on gravel (hard).

What I found that's helpful is to place all your items in backward order. So as you start putting things on (taking off is easy, just strip down and toss), you know they are done systematically.

Transition times are very important, but focus on the 3 real events first.