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Newbie asks: Is this my size/ a good deal?(2 posts)

Newbie asks: Is this my size/ a good deal?Cheap_bike_dude
Nov 15, 2002 2:47 PM
Howdy. I'm looking for a used triathlon bike so I can do better on my second duathlon and do my first olympic distance tri next season (gotta work on the swimming though). I saw this bad boy on Ebay (49 cm Quintana Roo) and was wondering

a) If it's a good deal (assuming the final price is not much more than its current bid price)

b) If it's the right size. I'd like to get fit, but unfortunately, my crappy hours make it difficult for me to get properly fitted. I've used the LeMond sizing technique and it looks okay, but I could use some advice. Me in a nuthshell:
5'6" w/ a 30 in. inseam, arm length of 24 inches from armpit to middle finger - kinda stocky.

Thanks guys.
Nov 18, 2002 9:06 AM
you can get a brand-new end-of year QR equipped with 105 for about $1000. If your new to the sport you'll never notice a dif between 105 and ultegra (heck, if your a pro you probably wouldnt notice).

So if it goes for 300, sure, it sounds like a good deal. If it rises much above the current 750, Id give it some serious thought.

If youre currently racing on a roadbike, since youre relatively new to the sport, I'd guess buying a tri-bike wont appreciably affect your times. You'll gain more time by learning how to swim than by buying speed.

If youre currently riding an MTB, then certainly consider moving to a road or tri bike (though I always vote for the road bike for beginners) for next season.