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Oct 29, 2002 6:06 AM
Hey dude, sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your question....I just now saw it. I did a sprint tri in Niantic CT as my first. Didn't do too bad I don't think for a first timer. It was .5/11.5/3.5 and I finished at 1:30:05. Now, to get to your question. I based my performance at the Olympic tri on this one. The distance was .9/25.6/6.4 and I finished in 2:49:36. So I don't know if I am doing my math right but I think I did better. I know that I took about 5-8 minutes alone off my transitions. Big difference going into that tran area when you know more of what your doing. Anyway, I am hooked now, training for next season. I did one more this summer and a century also, feeling good for my first season....

Awesome, how was your bike time this time around?js5280
Nov 2, 2002 10:17 AM
I remember that you're sprint bike leg seemed a little on the slower side, wondering if you made an improvement on the bike leg on the Olympic.
My bike time was a wee bit faster....mlester
Nov 20, 2002 10:35 AM
although, I did stop for 3-5 minutes at mile 11.5 to empty my stomach of Orange GU. Funny 11.5 was the length of the bike leg on the sprint and I lost it there also...11.5 miles both times...

I did another sprint after that and didn't eat the Orange GU prior to the race and guess pukin'!! Can't wait for next season :)


p.s. i will get my exact split time from home and post it for you.
That is funny. . .js5280
Dec 5, 2002 1:55 PM
I had some eating issue but never vomitted. I think I ate too much in the morning and it alway sat heavy in my stomach. I read something interesting on tri's here recently. They said it is really 5 events; swim, bike, run, drink, and eat. I have to agree, those last two can screw you up just as much or more than any of the others. . Also, it's pretty common to vomit as distance increases (especially IM, can't remember the statistic). Don't worry about your actual times, glad to hear you had some improvement, get that stomach under control and I'm sure you'll do better next time around.