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Fogging Goggles - Help!(6 posts)

Fogging Goggles - Help!lc21998
Oct 17, 2002 7:29 AM
I have a huge problem with fogging when I swim. I've tried Speedo's anti-fog stuff but it doesn't work. I've tried Swim Drops. Doesn't work either. Now I just spit in them, which works for a few minutes and then gets fogged up again. I think my face just gets so hot while I swim that it overpowers these things. In general I am a very heavy sweater. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas? Would a seal-type mask help me? (It's bigger, maybe farther from my skin.) Even though I have prescription goggles, I'd be willing to give that up. Now the prescription just lets me see the fog clearly.


re: Fogging Goggles - Help!brider
Oct 22, 2002 7:52 AM
First, make sure they don't leak AT ALL. That's the first step. In my case, I had to go through several pairs before I found one that didn't leak. Then, I put a thin film of shampoo inside the goggles. Just dip your finger slightly into the bottle (usually enough to just wipe the inside of the top of the bottle, not actually immerse the finger in the shampoo), wipe the inside of the dry goggles, dip them in water once, shake out the water, and you're good to go. Worked for me for both pool swims and open water. The problem becomes, if they leak, the shampoo can get in your eyes and sting like a SOB.
Cool trick. nmfbg111
Oct 28, 2002 5:52 PM
re: Fogging Goggles - Help!jaybird
Nov 14, 2002 11:06 AM
Try the FogX product by the makers of rainx. It is designed for car windows but I have a friend that uses it on his motorcycle helmet and it seems to work for him
re: Fogging Goggles - Help!AndyLai
Nov 25, 2002 8:42 AM
I use SWANS SD "Swimmer's Demist", a Japanese product, for years and it works. Put it inside the goggles at least 2 hours, and rinse it slightly before swimming. I am a heary sweater too and it can hold for more than two hours for me.
Hope it helps.
Counter intuitive planduncanmx
Mar 5, 2003 8:22 PM
Years ago when I spent WAY too much time swimming back and forth I encountered this same problem. Time was that swimming 7-8 1500's was common and we had to come up with some way not to smack into a wall. At the time we had "low profile" goggles..the kind with the string nose-piece.

In any case we eventually figured out that anti-fog or not, everything eventually did UNLESS you rinsed out the goggles with water everytime they fogged. Solution? Time came that we kept some water in the goggles to rinse em. Counter intuitive, somewhat annoying on the eye, but at least you get clear vision just by shaking your head.