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Swimming freestyle and body roll(4 posts)

Swimming freestyle and body rollmaninjapan
Oct 6, 2002 4:40 PM
Hi, thank you for all your recent advice. I have a question about body roll when swimming freestyle. Whilst I'm trying to keep my head inline with my spine I want to know just how far to roll. Does my mouth come out of the water? If i am resting the side of my head on my extended arm then naturally half my mouth is in the water and half is out, is this correct? Also are there any advantages/disadvantages to having a very long drawn out gliding stroke. I do this simply just to rest but i feel as though i'm swimming side stroke and not freestyle. I am working hard to get it down for my next tri but i just cant get the swimming.....thanks for your help.....
re: Swimming freestyle and body rollirongirl
Oct 7, 2002 7:27 AM
Swimming technique is so hard to describe. Have you asked the local high school swim coach if you can ask him a few questions while he's watching you in the pool? Or, better yet, go watch the high school or college swimmers work out. Sometimes you can "get it" better by watching others than you can in reading about it and trying to translate that to your own body. Yes, your mouth is not really out of the water, but there's a flow area when you turn your head that makes the water level go down by your head, allowing you to breathe right there. Concentrate only on rolling your hips (although the rest of you will roll). You want to imagine that your arms are doing a "keyhole pull" so that each arm is drawing half of a keyhole from the top to the bottom. Half circle, all the way back to your hips. Hope that helps.
re: Swimming freestyle and body rollsctri
Oct 7, 2002 7:21 PM
To help with the "Keyhole stroke" as it was discribed you can stand in front of a miror at home, and one arm at a time, practice that movement, of entering a distance from your head (ie. reaching) entering out, making a "C" to your hip, and then finishing through, pushing past your hip...
(wow.. that really is hard to discribe) HOWEVER, this can be of benifit if you roll your body at the onset of the pull as you would normally, and as you finish out the back, this should roll you to the other side, setting up your hypothetical other arm's pull...

Complicated stuff via the internet...

But that tends to help... the best way to increase efficency is to improve stroke length and quality (in essence to pull more water)

hope this helps?

re: Swimming freestyle and body rollfbg111
Oct 8, 2002 6:32 PM
Sounds like you have a good stroke already. Glide = good. Being long in the water (ie stretch & reach) = efficient & fast. Above advice = good. I've been a Masters Swimmer for several years, and have had olympic coaches evaluate my stroke, and from what you've said, you sound like you're doing well. Work on building your endurance and you'll be in good shape. I swim a 2 mile course in the inland waterways where I live, one mile against the current and one mile back. Also do sprint work in the pool. Those combined is good prep for a tri. Distance training is most important though.