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Advice needed on base-building and time off.(5 posts)

Advice needed on base-building and time off.irongirl
Sep 19, 2002 8:45 AM
I did 4 tris this summer -- 3 sprints and my first Olympic distance. Didn't start training until June. Now I'm totally hooked. My first race of 2003 will be in April and it's an important one -- Olympic distance. Can anyone give me advice about what my program should entail between now and then, given that I should probably take a short break, then do some base-building and be ready for a really strong Olympic distance season by April? Also, I want to do my first-ever half Iron in late June, but mostly will be focusing on Olympic distance next summer. Thanks.
gotta read this book!bm
Sep 19, 2002 12:59 PM
i'd respond to your question, but there are too many issues to cover and not space. it's not so easy to explain, because there are tips for peaking, fatique, volume, intensity, objective, specific training . . .

so i'm really going to recommend a book. at least check it out at a bookstore, cause then you'll really know what's involved:

joe friel, "Triathlon Training Bible"

There are other books that have schedules and advice, but none that i've seen which cover the issues to necessary detail.
gotta read this book!irongirl
Sep 20, 2002 7:40 AM
Have you read the book "Training Programs for Multisport Athletes"? If so, any opinion?
training programs for multisport athletesbm
Sep 20, 2002 10:59 AM
no, i have not read that book yet. don't think i've seen it in a bookstore. but i did check it out at and it seems pretty informative. best thing for you to do, if you haven't seen the books, is check them out at a bookstore. that's usually how i found if a book is for me.

i hoped some other triathletes would post additional advice about this, but they haen't yet. i'm sure there are many great books out there, but i know that the one i posted was great material.

another book that i haven't looked at is:

serious training for endurance athelets
by Rob Sleamaker, Ray Browning

i hear that it's very complicated in numbers, calculations, data - that sort of thing. i hear it's good, but haven't seen it yet.
re: Advice needed on base-building and time off.cuda70
Oct 2, 2002 6:19 AM
I too just got into the sport this year and canvassed experienced Triathletes for advice. I have found that in order to build your base and not go mad in the process you should train with another person or group. For me running is my weakest leg so I put more of my training hours at distance work. I like to run at least 4 days a week with 2 short runs of 5k 1 intermediate distance 6-7 miles and 1 long run of 10 miles. I use the short runs to concentrate on form. The intermediate run is equivalent to the Tri distance and every other week I run this on the back of a 40k bike ride,(Brick) for stamina. In Elmhurst Illinois there are Wednesday night track sessions at the high school. Here experienced runners and coach's work on building up your stamina and correcting bad form.

As far as biking is concerned you should ride with a group that is equal to your ability or slightly above. Most bike shops have group rides during the evenings of between 30-40 miles and than ride longer distances of up to 60 miles on Saturdays or Sundays. If you are really a good rider beg your way onto riding with a racing team, but I warn you this can be a humbling experience for most. Some of these guys will let you ride with them on their short rides but if you fall behind don't expect them to wait for you. I ride 120 miles per week an have improved greatly this year.

As for swimming, this is the one you'll have to do on your own. I swim about 4 miles a week with 2 short swims of 1k, 1 intermediate swim of 1 mile and 1 long swim 11/2 or more. Form is everything here! If you are weak here I suggest you take a 3 -day seminar at a swim camp to correct any bad habits.

I intend to stay with most of this program throughout the winter by substituting stationary bikes and trainers for outdoor riding and treadmills / indoor tracks for outdoor running. I do not push through injuries and will generally swim or bike more if my achilles or ankles are strained.

I also weight lift 2-3 times a week, but this is more a habit than anything else. I have spoken with several ironmen and most do only small amounts of weight training to keep there legs strong. I honestly can't tell if helps me or not but I have noticed that when I lay off by arm workout my swims seem more tiresome.

Good luck!,