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Cry for Help... (well not quite...)(3 posts)

Cry for Help... (well not quite...)sctri
Aug 21, 2002 6:44 PM
This one is especially directed to those on the board with a bit more experiance than I, and who have been pretty knowlegeable in the past (that means you Brider and SteveO)

In November, I started in on a pretty seriouse training program, which i survived, and I think would have been more benificial had I not also been competeing in track, both the 1500m and 3km, but i digress....

My background is as a swimmer and I was always a trainer, my results came from hardwork and putting in long hours.
The same applies with running, when i was in highschool I had the oppertunity to be coached by a guy who was a local runner and a tough competitor and I found that when i trained under him and focused I can make some big gains in my running

It seems like in order to make the gains that I want, I need to focus on one sport, but triathlon is three, and when i train for triathlon it seems as though i am trying to do too much and nothing gets done.
How can i focus on the individual sports withour neglecting the rest of the race, and if i do focus on Running for a month or two months, at the conclusion of that phase, what can i do to keep those gains while working on something else?


re: Cry for Help... (well not quite...)Steve_0
Aug 22, 2002 3:25 AM
Welcome to triathlon....never enough time to make the individual gains you desire.... I wish I could offer some real advice, but I face the same problems you (and every other triathlete that actually holds a real job) do; I prettymuch train ad-hoc. The following works best for me:

1. Build a running base throughout winter. Start base building after triathlon season ends (give myself a month off). You have a long, looong winter to build a nice base. Concentrate solely on running miles. Swim once or twice per week just to keep the swimming miles tuned. I prettymuch run every day, swim twice/week.

2. By Aprilish, I generally have an EXCELLENT running base. Move to strenghwork for running (Hills mostly), and later speedwork (track). Keep running a long run once (or twice) per week. the extra hours I'm no longer running are now spent on the bike. I prettymuch run 4 days/wk (1 long run). Bike 3 or 4. Swim 2.

3. By May, I'm getting excited about swim season, since I've been neglecting it for 8 or 9 months. I usually start ramping down the bike at this point, dedicating those hours instead to the swim. I enter every open-water race I find. By June running M,W,F(long run). Swimming M,T(long),W,T(long). Long bike on saturday or sunday. By far my hardest training period.

4. Race Season prettymuch starts Late June,early july. By this time I have a nice, easy schedule of MWF run, TTh swim, Sa Bike. I feel very strong in each event.

5. Every other year I enter a fall marathon (totally irrelevant to my tri training). These years, come august, I prettymuch begin reverseing my spring winddown to accommodate more running. This is so late in the tri-season game that it doesnt seem to affect my bike or swim.

Sorry I dont have anything more scientific or specific.
re: Cry for Help... (well not quite...)brider
Aug 22, 2002 10:19 AM
Since you have some background in swimming and running, you should have a good idea how long you can hold some good fitness in those areas. The trick to maintaining your edge in one sport while concentrating on another is to keep doing the maintenance in one sport while doing what it takes to improve in the other. Vague, I know, but it's going to be different for each person.

Think of weight lifting. Once you get past your first plateau, you'll usually only improve one lift at a time. But the other lifts don't suffer much. Same thing goes in tri.

You can save a lot of time by keeping your workouts in the non-focus sports short but intense. That will do a lot to keep the edge in the non-focus sports and you'll build your basic endurance in the focus sport.

Hope that helps. For me, I didn't worry about it a lot. I tracked my workouts by cals burned, and that gave me a way to compare the training volume of one week to the next, in spite of a big difference in the sport mix. Don't remember the numbers I used, but they would also be different for you.