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Freaked out by swim ...(3 posts)

Freaked out by swim ...emils01
Aug 21, 2002 5:47 PM
I've been doing a lot of training this year. This weekend will be my first tri this year (sprint). I am ready to explode on the bike and run but nervous about the swim. I swim with a masters team (pool) and consider myself a strong swimmer. But, psychologically I feel tested by the big water. I have been doing some swimming in a lake, but in the roped-off section. Tell me the words I need to hear. Mental preparation, etc. Psyched (or) psyched-out. You decide.
Relax and enjoy....sctri
Aug 21, 2002 6:33 PM
It sounds like you have done the preparation right?
You know how to swim, and that is essentially what you are setting out to do, swim, Therefor, the only mental preparation i can offer you is to remember that you are prepared and on race day, when you are nervouse, which you very well may be, many people are, I usually am, Just remember how prepared you are, think about the time that you have spent in the pool, the long practices etc, and all of the reasons why you consider yourself to be a stong swimmer,


Try and find a rythem, perhaps draft a little, pop your head up just to make sure that you are on course, and have fun, enjoy, triathlon is supposed to be a great and memorable experiance, even more so that this is your first


swim coach, pool rat, and great big aquatic dork
Aug 22, 2002 10:10 AM
Get in the water a few minutes early and get warmed up. Getting in right before the start will make you tense and throw off your stroke. The cold water tends to make a lot of people forget to exhale with their face in the water -- concentrate on your breathing and relax.

Try putting your goggles on under your cap -- will tend to keep the goggles on if you get knocked a bit, and makes taking the cap off a non-issue (it just peels off with the goggles).

If you're not comfortable with a little jostling at the start, line up to the outside of the main pack to the side that will be towards the outside of the first turn.

You know you can do the distance. The only difference is the water temp and no lane lines.