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First ever tri report........(1 post)

First ever tri report........maninjapan
Aug 12, 2002 4:26 PM
well, i did it , my first tri which was olympic distance. My goal before hand was 1. to finish and 2. to be at least 200th out of 270 considering i can only sustain breast stroke........ and i only had two months training dogged by illness.... good news was i finished in 2hours 45 minutes which placed me 149th..... although this time seems slow the weather that morning was freakish, heavy, hard rain and typhoon winds made swimming and biking a real test, but i got into my breast stroke rhythm and eventually caught up the slow guys who started two waves (8 mins) ahead of me.... came outta the swim in 33mins..... the bike was great fun and i highly recommend the new bianchi giro, i wasnt passed at all and was just flying past guys on pro tri bikes, the bike took me 1hour 9 mins in harsh conditions, then came the moment of dread, running, it was tough to find a pace because honestly i never practiced running once due to shin splints i had before but i felt ok, slow but ok and i came across the finish line after 1hour 3 minutes...this was disappointing but next time ill be on that run big time, all in all i exceeded my goals and was happy to finish, when i crossed the line i just wanted to go again...the feeling of being in the 5th and last wave and on my bike catching and passing guys from the 2nd wave was great....addictive........ if i could only do crawl then who knows............the winner was the japanese sydney olympian...amazing time of 1hour 58mins total.....well thanks everyone for your advice ........