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Only 4 days to go.............(2 posts)

Only 4 days to go.............maninjapan
Aug 5, 2002 3:44 PM
well, its only 4 days to go till my first triathlon (olympic distance). Im really nervous but to keep myself smiling ive set my goal just to finish (but we all know that secretly i routing for at least 200th out of 270). I live in southern japan, im from england so i dont get too much foreign advice or support so thats why im here. The swim section is down the local river, if i say that on the river bank is the largest bridgestone tyre plant in japan then you kinda get the picture that this huge river isnt the cleanest water along with my 270 rivals im hoping to avoid any nasty mouth diseases..... the bike is a great perfectly flat 40km loop and the run is also flat for the full 10km, my biggest worry now is the heat, at 9.45am in the morning when i start it will be about 95 degrees with about 85% humidity, hell!!!! well thats my last report until the day after.... i hope i can look back at this next week with a smile or maybe ill just send a message from my hospital bed after drowning on the start........................... if interested you can search for ( chikugo river triathlon ) on google to see what the deal is.............
re: Only 4 days to go.............empacher6seat
Aug 5, 2002 7:44 PM
Have fun and good luck! As you can see from my post below yours, I just finished my first triathlon, also an olympic distance. My goal was sort of like yours... I just wanted to finish and not come last. I really had to focus and not bring my pace up. Comming from a rowing backround, my attitude towards sports is a "balls to the wall" sort of deal, just go all out. I've learned I couldn't do that in triathlon, though!! Anyways, try and relax, have a good time and remember you're not out there competing for olympic gold or anything!