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Last minute wetsuit advice/Ironman Stealth vs. Sprint(2 posts)

Last minute wetsuit advice/Ironman Stealth vs. Sprintjs5280
Jul 22, 2002 6:43 PM
Well, found out my old wetsuit (too tight/uncomfortable) isn't going to cut it for the upcoming Xterra this weekend. I did some crash wetsuit (sleeveless Longjohn style) shopping today. Tried on Orca, QR, and Ironman. Couldn't get the Orca or QR over my legs (I have beefy sprinter's legs and average size upper body) w/out getting too big on the top. The Ironman fit great, fits my budget, and I can get it quickly so that's my likely choice. What I'm unsure of is the Stealth Longjohn(w/ the fancy back panel, grip-Skin O-Ring seals, etc.) or the Sprint Longjohn. Is the Stealth worth the extra $50+? It's a small enough amount I could spring for it, but thought I'd see if people here had opinions on these two suits. Thanks!
Got the Stealth. . .js5280
Jul 25, 2002 4:09 PM
Found it at for $234 so only $40 difference from the Sprint. Free shipping too, but I had to have it overnight (only $25) It has more panels than the Sprint and a little bit better seals on the neck and armpit in addition to the fancy back panel. Tried it out today, worked great; fits just like the Sprint, doesn't get in the way of my stoke or breathing.

Moral of the story. Try on as many wetsuits as you can see what fits best. The Ironman goes on easy, fits great, and comes off easily in my case.