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training and bronchitis(1 post)

training and bronchitismaninjapan
Jul 11, 2002 4:49 PM
hey, i have been training over the last three weeks for my first olympic tri on august 11th, as i was waiting for the delivery of my brand spanking new bianchi giro i focused on swimming at the pool about 3times per week, my swim sets were not so hard and i have yet to complete the 1500m distance but....... last week i was diagnoised with acute bronchitis which feels like a 500lb sumo wrestler is constantly sitting on my chest, combine this with asthma and bang....... no more training........... my question is basically to anyone who has had bronchitis in a similar situtaion, how long did you rest? ever done a tri with bronchitis? and if anyone feels medical any suggestions on recovery, im on antibiotics .......... im just itching to go out on my new bike but right now i must rest which is pain in itself.... thanks a lot.......