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triathlon: swim to bike change(6 posts)

triathlon: swim to bike changemaninjapan
Jun 13, 2002 4:18 PM
hi. ive heard recently that its ok to wear cycling shorts under the wetsuit so that when you bust outta the water you can just wip off your wetsuit and bang on a cycling top.... good idea? or not? the idea of taking a wetsuit off quickly seems unreal, ive wore a wet suit twice and the bloody thing takes an age to come off..... inexperience i know. Can anyone suggest the best way to make this transistion, ill be wearing a wetsuit and i wanted to ride in my bib shorts......... thanks so much.
re: triathlon: swim to bike changemollythedog
Jun 13, 2002 5:19 PM
same problems that I have been going throught my friend. I wanted to wear bib shorts for my race but when I did my last brick (bike and Run) I wore my bibs they were fine for the bike. during the run they were chafing my nipples which caused them to bleed(man nipples!!!!)My suggestion is to wear non-bib shorts under your wetsuit which have worked fine for me in practice, I will see how they work ina race this weekend. as for taking off the wetsuit, try bodyglide or pam to help the wetuit removal.
good luck to you
just my 2 cents
re: triathlon: swim to bike changemaninjapan
Jun 16, 2002 8:34 PM
thanks for the great advice... nipples seems to be the issue here right....... male and female.....?????? i sure dont wanna have no bloody nipples..... or would it be ok to run with the bib part down as in off the shoulder and put on a vest or something............ thanks again
Jun 14, 2002 3:33 AM
the 'quickest' way to take off a wetsuit is, simply, wear a short wetsuit, or none at all. A short wetsuit is much, MUCH easier to take off than long sleeves/long legs.

Assuming the water is warm enough to wear a short suit, or none at all, you need to weigh the time advantages of a suit over the time lost while taking it off.

Having said that, assuming the water is truly so cold that you really need a full suit:

as youre exiting the water, you should be unzipping. as youre running towards transition, you should be pulling the upper suit down (when you reach the bike, your upper body should now be bare, suit folded down at the waiste). This way, in the transition area, you need only wrestle the legs off your ankles. Typically, i just push down at the waist (forming a pile of wetsuit around my ankles), grab a handful of the pile (shoving the thumbs down into the legs, near the achilles tendon). Fall on my arse, and then 'pry' the legs over my ankles.

Glide helps a little, but after a coupla decades of wearing wetsuits, i'd say a lot of practice helps most.
re: triathlon: swim to bike changebrider
Jun 14, 2002 10:13 AM
Look at my post below "ok, brider's tri primer" on the wetsuit doffing. I used a wetsuit that was sleeveless and the legs stopped mid-calf. Made for a much easier transition, and I never used Glide (wasn't around when I was racing). As for the shorts, depending on the race distance (I assume we're not talking IM distance), go with a thinner pad in the shorts. They will (1) dry much faster, and (2) be much less of a problem during the run. A full pad just feels like I've got a diaper on when running. I echo the no-bibs reply above. The straps will cause problems both on the nipples AND the crotch during the run (straps will hike them up more when running). With a fairly short bike leg (40K for Oly distance) you can put up with a little discomfort (read -- not necessarily your ideal ride feel) for the positive aspects in the other two disciplines.
re: triathlon: swim to bike changetribro3
Jun 14, 2002 7:19 PM
I agree with brider. wear triathlon racing shorts (thinner pad) and if you can a triathlon racing jersey. The jersey is form fitting and is fine to wear under the wetsuit. This is how I do it, so after getting teh wetsuit off I just need to throw on my shoes, helmet, and glasses and i'm off. I've had difficutly in the past trying to pull a regular cycling jersey over my wet body after the swim.

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