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A Beginner Late in Life(1 post)

A Beginner Late in LifeBruce
Apr 29, 2002 8:08 AM
Ok - how about some advice from you seasoned pros. I'm a 60 year old male who has been bitten by the tri bug. I use to run 10Ks and some 10 milers but stopped several years ago when the years of pounding began to take a toll on my joints. I have been a pretty avid "spinner" for the past 4 years. When I started training this past January for my first tri in March, I weighed in at 230+. I completed the March competition and had lost @ 25 lbs in the training process. I'm on track to hit 190 lbs before my next competition in June. My swim almost did me in during the March event so have been focusing on that a bit more and have been working part-time with a swim coach since then. Here are my questions - Considering I'm only interested in the shorter tris, what is a reasonable training schedule. My typical week is to Spin 45-60 minutes on M-W-F mornings; Swim 1/2-3/4 miles on T & Th mornings; Run 3-4 miles on M, F and either T or Th at noon; commute ride (10K each way on mountain bike - Raleigh M60 with hybrid tires) at least one day/week and road ride (Trek 2100) 15-35 miles on either Sat or Sun, resting the other day. I also try to work in a total of about 60 minutes of weight training during the week, focusing on arms, chest, and legs. When it comes to the actual events, I want to enjoy the events and not become obsessed with the competition. On the other hand, I don't like coming in last. Does it sound like I'm on a reasonable training schedule to accomplish my goal and, if not, what should I change? Thanks for any suggestions.