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Need advice on training(9 posts)

Need advice on trainingliu02bhs
Apr 27, 2002 7:51 PM
Okay, my triathlon is coming up next Sat. (5-4-02). I have been neglecting my running for awhile due to an ankle sprain. I still have a little inflamation, but I can run through it. How can I get back in shape fast. Right now, I have been running for 4 days. I have got my 3 mile pace from 8 to 7 mins/mile in the first 3 days. I figure I can run until Wed. before I have to stop to get rested for the tri. Rest usually works better than tapering for me. So should I do hard-work outs or endurance work-outs for the tri?
The distance for the tri is 500m/12m/3m.
*What I consider to be hard is running a fast tempo for 3 miles. No speed work, because of my ankle.
*What I consider to be endurance is 6 mile at around 9 mins/mile pace.
Do I need to push up my mileage?

For Swimming:
I haven't done any serious swim session since the swim season was over. I do not have any access to a pool right now. Is there any dry land training that can help me loose as little speed as possible when I swim?
re: Need advice on trainingbm
Apr 28, 2002 2:23 AM
well your tri is coming up soon. it may be too late to improve your time. but for future training and race day i've got a few tips to consider:

1. warm-up and stretching = very important. don't neglect the stretch, b/c it may the one thing to prevent future injuries.

2. endurance starts around 6 miles but the real test is around 18-26 miles. make sure you take "energy foods" every 35-45 mins.

4. boots up your mileage and pace. it may seem harder at first to run faster longer, but in reading endurance material i've discovered that the athlete preforms more EFFICIENT at longer distances and higher heart rates.

5. train aerobically, not anerobically, for endurance. this is NOT lifting in the gym, where you complete sets to failure. . . . this is training just below 'lactate threshold' so your body gets used to the repetitive activity and your muscles don't tire out.

your doing a sprint triathlon, so endurance may not be the greatest issue if your fit. the most important thing in a short tri is speed. so preform fast, but watch your form.
Need to know how to get backliu02bhs
Apr 28, 2002 7:39 AM
I think I have the physical abilities to go fast. It's just that I'm out of training. I just need to get back in shape. I think it'll be faster than getting in to shape. If I'm back in shape, I'll be good to go with the best of them. What do you suggest to get back what I have?
This is the only tri I'm planning to do this year, because I'll be out of the country for the summer.
I already do most of the stuff you have suggested, except for the eating part. Normally, I go no more than 2 hours at a time on bike and no more than 1 for running, although I have gone like 3 for swimming. But I don't feel the urge to eat while training, I just don't like it. I usually eat before and sometime afterward. Do you think this is the wrong approach?
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Need to know how to get backbm
Apr 29, 2002 2:23 AM
hmm ... don't know if this will answer your question about getting back in need to set a distance and time as goals, and then look for a training plan. the training plan depends on your physical abilities and goals, so i can't decide for you what you should do and when. look through books at the bookstore, library, WWW on plans.

about the eating . . . well you can't eat while you swim, but i was talking about the gu's and cliff bars for the rides and runs (even a peanut butter + jelly will work for you). some foods just restore muscle energy. but i also feel energy drinks like gator are great because they have electroyltes that help with physiological balance. yes, i could also last for a 3 hour bike ride, but maybe i wouldn't preform as well.

why not post a survey and ask who eats during activity and what they eat.
too late...SteveO
Apr 29, 2002 3:39 AM
its too late for any workouts to add any value... just keep running (VERY low mileage) to keep the ankle limber.

I'd get yourself into the water soon, for the sole purpose of getting your rythm back asap. Even if you have to slip the local health-spa 10 bucks for a 1/2 hour swim, you'll probably feel better reaclimating at your leisure than in the race.
I have lost faithliu02bhs
Apr 29, 2002 5:10 PM
I did a 3-mile run again today. I bonked big time. Paying money for swim is out of the question. I'm just a poor student. Thanks for the advice so far. I'll keep running. That's my weakest point, and therefore most room for improvement.
Use the pool at Bally'sVimalakirti
May 2, 2002 6:48 AM
Bally's health clubs have a free 14-day pass offer. If you go to their web site ( and print out a free guest pass, you can take it to any Bally's and use the club for free for two weeks. You just have to pretend like you might actually be interested in signing up for real some day. After listening to their shtick for 15 minutes, they'll let you use their pool.
Good adviceliu02bhs
May 2, 2002 5:57 PM
Thanks man. But I'm already on my rest schedule. The tri is coming up in 2 days. It's only a HS triathlon, so it's not as competitive. I think the winning time will be close to 50 minutes, but everyone else will finish after 58 minutes, with the last person probably coming in at about 2 hours. I think I'll be in the 58 to 62 minute range if all goes well. I'll post the top 10 times after the race.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
Top Timesliu02bhs
May 13, 2002 10:36 AM
1 51.28
2 58.43
3 59.32
4 59.40
5 1:00.32
6 1:02.03
7 1:02.54
8 1:03.12
9 1:03.29
10 1:03.53