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Getting started in Triathlons(2 posts)

Getting started in TriathlonsJoshua
Apr 25, 2002 3:30 PM
I have some newbie questions about tri's. I plan on doing some of the short tris here in the New England area this summer, Ct, RI, and Mass. I was hoping some one could give me a rundown of the transitions as well as what one would consider to be the proper gear to take I have a bike of course. I mean more along the lines of specialty gear like wetsuits and stuff like that. Keep in mind I am on a budget so while I want to be comfy my kids still need to eat. Any ways if any one could help that would be great, Thanks
re: Getting started in TriathlonsSteveO
Apr 26, 2002 3:49 AM
gear - you really dont NEED any special gear, though you may want to consider a wetsuit with North Atlantic water temps. Also, aerobars arent really (absolutely) necessary, but they will save you a little energy for your run.

Swim - bathing suit (wetsuit for bay/ocean swims), goggles, Extra pair of goggles shoved down your suit (in large, mass-start swims, it's not uncommon for your goggles to be inadvertantly knocked off).

Bike - Aero-bars, Helmet, glasses, water (waterbottles), shoes

Run - Shirt, shoes

Transition Prep Tips:

Take some time to prep your area around your bike at the rack before the race.

1. Cradle your helmet in the aerobars (in plain sight and easy reach), place your glasses in the helmet. Have your waterbottles filled and in the bottle cages. Keep your shoes within easy reach (remember, 'easy reach' an hour before the race when your the only bike on the rack is far different from 'easy reach' when theres 10 other bikes and 10 other people all clammering for their gear).

2. Also have your running shoes handy. Have your bib-number attached to your shirt, shirt shoved into your running shoes so nothing gets lost.

3. Keep an EXTRA water bottle, or a small tub (like a plastic, kitchen dish-drying tub) filled with water.


1. When you exit the swim, your wet feet are gonna get quite sandy, so use the extra waterbottle to rinse your feet, or just step into the dish-tub of water.

2. If wearing a wetsuit, take it off. Just put on your shoes, helmet, glasses, and go! (no need for a shirt yet, let the riding-induced wind refreshingly dry your wet body as you ride).

3. After the bike, change your shoes, throw on your shirt (bib number already attached - viola!), and go for it.

Good luck in your first tri!