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Using Creatine(5 posts)

Using CreatineJoel_T
Apr 12, 2002 3:29 AM
Hi there!
I'm 130 pounds, going for a half Ironman event.
Any tips on using creatine? Is there any real difference between brands (i.e. GNC,MET-Rx, etc?)
re: Using Creatinebm
Apr 12, 2002 5:07 PM
I wouldn't use that stuff, especially for endurance sports - just my opinion. a decent brand of the stuff is EAS's version

but if you need info, i used to refer to for info. there's a great forum where bodybuilding peops talk about supps. also, there are books at the library on creatine.

make sure you know how and why a supp works. creatine naturally exists in your system to help repair muscle tears. muscle fibers generally increase in size to compensate intense lifting (for example, heavy loads). creatine is great for builders, but i don't know how it works for endurance sports.

drink lot's of water!! peop have died or passed out in the gym because of not consuming enough water.

if you want to look at supps reasonable for endurance, i would consider peptide-bonded glutamine (or free-form glut). i also used an expensive product called methoxy, but not going to hype whether it worked or not.
re: Using CreatineJoel_T
Apr 13, 2002 3:18 AM
hi bm,
thanks for the detailed reply!
re: Using Creatinebm
Apr 14, 2002 11:12 PM
hey joel_t . . . was reading the racing forum topics here on roadbikereview and noticed a lot of bikers use supps. i take back my criticisms. although, i would definitely do some research on the effects of creatine on endurance.

good luck
re: Using Creatinebrider
Apr 17, 2002 6:54 AM
Just wanted to chime in on this one. Creatine will help you in short burst type events, but really won't make any difference in endurance type events. It can actually be a detriment on hilly courses, as the creatine acts to volumize the muscles with additional water (incidentally, this is also the reason many people cramp up when using creatine, as they don't account fot the increased water requirements). Realize also that the benefits of creatine are temporary, and will disappear when you stop taking it.

With that said, here's the recommendations on brands -- actually, the cheap stuff is just as good as the more expensive stuff (better in many cases). Just go with the pure creatine. And stay away from the "serum" types (creatine is not stable in suspension). Many poeple go with a loading dose of 20g for a few days, then maintain it at 5g per day thereafter. Some people just go with the 5g per day dosing. Some people have some bad intestinal reactions to creatine, so you may need to experiment with timing and such.