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got the y foil: need help with set up(3 posts)

got the y foil: need help with set upGall
Mar 23, 2002 5:27 AM

broke down and bought a y foil to set up as a TT bike etc.

in researching bike set up i ve come across this "slam" set up.

could you all give me some pointers in the setup, which aerobars to use and the pro and cons of the slam set up.

Mar 25, 2002 6:35 AM
pointers - start with saddle nose about 2.5 inches behind crank (assuming your between 5.5'-6'.

Aerobars - you want short aerobars or those adjustable by length (rules out syntace).

i just recently started experiementing with the slam. the pros as i see them are increased comfort (body is more upright).

Cons as i see them: i cant imagine youre truly as aerodynamic as a forward config...the proponents claim your shoulders are just as low as on the forward config, but if you look at yourself in both setups, you'll see much more frontal torso in the slam. Addmittingly, i dont have a windtunnel at my disposal to know if my 'belief' is correct.

another con: position isolates more running-specific muscles... bad for tri.
Comments on the "slam" positionbrider
Mar 25, 2002 10:09 AM
This is rather ironic, this whole "slam position" thing. The reason that so many of the pros are using the "slam" position is that they are now in draft-legal packs. For those type of races, they're more comfortable in the standard position in a pack, and don't really get to the aero clip-ons unless they're (a) at teh front of the pack (which admittedly isn't the most advantageous in a tri) or (b) riding solo. Many people seem to be gravtitating to the slam position for one of two reasons: (1) the pros do it (which is ludicrous, since unless you're a pro, you aren't allowed to draft), or (2) they feel they get more power in that position. For people that do mainly standard pack riding, it's no surprise that they get more power in the slam position. However, it IS more detrimental to teh run. If you have the flexibility to get truly aero in a relaxed seat angle, great. Go for it. For MOST poeple, though, a steeper set up will allow a better carry over into the run, and will allow better breathing.