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Tri Bike Handling Differences(2 posts)

Tri Bike Handling Differencespesetriathlete
Mar 17, 2002 7:52 PM
I just purchased a 650c, 78 deg tri bike. It's really swift on the straights but it feels twitchy round corners (out of Aero position). Last week I crashed while negotiating a corner which I usually have no problems with my road bike (700c).

I wonder if anyone who has any difficult handling experiences switching between a road & tri bike. And any advice, please.
Mar 18, 2002 5:18 AM
im one of the unfortunte who cannot afford every toy i i suffice with converting my road bike to TT for tris.... forward seatpost swap, drop the bars, add aeros.

once i do this (effectively getting the same geometry as your bike [though a little LESS stable because of the increased weight on the front wheel]), i can immediately feel the difference...more twitchy.

when in the tri config, i absolutely MUST take my time with cornering, etc. its just a consequence of the geometry i believe...not optimal for technical cycling.