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What should I get for my second set of wheels?(2 posts)

What should I get for my second set of wheels?Gambo
Jan 15, 2002 10:48 AM
I'm fairly new to the tri scene...I just purchased a 2000 Fuji aloha tri-bike used for $700 and it came with Ritchey Deep-V wheels(650) and Michelin Axial Pro slicks...I need to get some rain tires but don't want to switch all the time. I'm looking to get something to either replace my original wheels (put the slicks on the new rims for racing) and us my old wheels for training or vis versa...any thoughts or suggestions...thanks...I'm running ultegra hubs...most bang for the buck prefered... Thanks in advance.
re: What should I get for my second set of wheels?brider
Jan 17, 2002 11:55 AM
If you've got the bucks, I'd go with something full-on aero for race wheels (HED3 or similar) and use the Ritchey's for training with the wider tires. Go with 20mm tires on the race wheels and 23s on the trainers. Use the trainers regardless of the weather. Actually, the Axials will do fine in the rain, it's the tire width that will determine comfort (assuming you already know how to manipulate pressure), not rain traction.