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Cannondale R900 vs. Raliegh R700(2 posts)

Cannondale R900 vs. Raliegh R700Jbajel
Jan 12, 2002 7:09 PM
My first Ironman this summer in Utah and I am buying a new bike--not tri-specific, but a road bike (I'll add aerobars and forward the seatpost). I have narrowed my search for new bike down to Cannondale R900 or the Raliegh R700.

Cannondale groupo is mixed 105 and Ultegra. Wheels are Mavic Cosmos. CAAD 5 is the much better frame. Weight of about 19 lbs.

Raliegh is all Ultegra, Shimano R535 wheelset, great saddle and pedals included for about $400 less than the Cannondale. Weight of 21+lbs.

I don't know which wheelset is better and which bike I buy. Should I choose the frame first or the components? Help.
re: Cannondale R900 vs. Raliegh R700ClydeTri
Feb 12, 2002 12:50 PM
my opinion...wheelsets are close in quality in what I have read. The Cdale probably is a better frame, the Raleigh has better parts. Have you ridden both? Fit is very importnant. If both fit fine, maybe go for the cdale,if you can afford it, but, the raleigh is a good deal, i fall back to fit..which one fits better? Very importnant on that 112 mile bike leg