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breathing from your stomach to get more oxygen intake(4 posts)

breathing from your stomach to get more oxygen intakeKman01
Dec 26, 2001 12:38 PM
I what to know how to breath from your stomach to get more oxygen intake into your lungs.
Do you push your stomach out followed by breathing in through you nose and mouth, do you exhale through your mouth or nose ????

Finally does this technique really work, and do you breath this way all the time while riding !! or just when the going gets tough .

Cheers Kman
re: breathing from your stomach to get more oxygen intakenimbus
Jan 25, 2002 7:23 AM
Hi I personally don't worry about where the air is flowing from provided it gets in :) but I believe the proper order is in thru mouth out thru nose. Also what you focus on is not bringing up the chest with the breath but expanding your stomach. Practice this when you are not running to get a feel for it. Take a large breath in (with the idea of filling your lungs to their capacity) and try and make your stomach as "big" and then allow each "compartment" of your lung to fill up sequentially from the stomach. So basically in doing this your are using your diaphragm, (man did I spell that right?) maximizing your air intake and also using the proper muscles for breathing. Your upper chest should be the last thing that rises in this exercise.
re: breathing from your stomach to get more oxygen intakebrider
Jan 31, 2002 12:09 PM
I diagree with the other poster, in that what you want to do is forcefully exhale, and let the air back into the lungs naturally (not forced). Yes, you don't want the ribcage to lift to try to fill the lungs. As for mouth/nose, I say use both for both -- you want as little restriction to airflow as possible. Of course, if it's fairly chilly out, the exhaling through the nose may bring some other unwanted (and unattractive) discharges.
re: breathing from your stomach to get more oxygen intakekechinbo
Feb 22, 2002 6:02 AM
Actually breathing through your nose drives the air to the lower regions of your lungs more efficiently. It also preheats or cools the air and filters it through the moist nasal membranes/cilia and avoids the heaving ribcage fatigue associated with mouth breathing. The problem is that you haven't nose-breathed exclusively since you were an infant and your DNA told you that the mouth was for nursing and the nose was for breathing (just watch a baby and you'll understand). These years of mouth breathing can't be eradicated in a week or even a month of nose takes a lot of practice and means turning your regular pace down a few notches at first. As far as exhaling goes, a combination of throat and nose exhale can be achieved by keeping your lips closed and trying to mimic the Darth Vader sound. Good luck...