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Shimano Ultegra Barend shifters (lever boss covers)(3 posts)

Shimano Ultegra Barend shifters (lever boss covers)Phatty
Dec 13, 2001 5:31 PM
I have a set of Shimano Ultegra barend shifters 8speed. I have a 9-speed drive train and would like to convert the shifters to 9speed also. I'm assuming that I have to change out the lever boss covers?? If I'm assuming correctly, can you guys drop a few good leads of where I can order them. Shimano I already have a week inquiry in to Shimano with no response.

Shimano Shiftersbrider
Dec 14, 2001 9:31 AM
If I remember right, you may not need to change anything (though I may be relying on knowledge from 7 to 8 speed changes). Shimano always had some extra lever throw outside the indexed area, which could be utilized for a cogset one cog greater (7 speed shifter would work for an 8 speed system). Since the 9 speed cogset basically takes the same space as the 8 speed, there may be a problem with the index points not lining up with the cogs -- you'd probably need to check this out. I think the indexing detents are in a washer that's pressed into the lever body (the part that plugs into the bar). Unfortunately, that's the main part of the lever, and the doubtful that a shop would have extra parts for this. I know this doesn't directly and definitively answer your question, I'm just sharing what I know.
well, don't quote me, butjw25
Mar 5, 2002 12:40 PM
I'm pretty sure the shifting on a 9 speed cassette would be sloppy. You might get it to work, but chances are the outer cogs on both ends could skip. The spacing's just off.
Now, I just got a set of barcons (building a TT bike), and it looks like regular old downtube shifters would just bolt on. So, maybe check Ebay for a set of 9 speed DT levers, and swap and see. Shouldn't be too expensive, and if it doesn't work, sell the 8 speeders and the DT's, and get some 9'ers. You'll probably break even, with a bit of patience.