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Bikes for Women(2 posts)

Bikes for WomenNairb1
Nov 28, 2001 2:11 PM
Wish to buy a bike for my wife for x-mas. She's just started with triathlons. She's 5'3", 28.5' inseam, 120 lbs. Don't know her torso or arm length. I'd like to get a bike designed for women. I know about the Trek WSDs, Giant OCR and TCR, and Cannondale R500. Any other suggestions?
re: Bikes for Womenbrider
Nov 29, 2001 8:38 AM
Rather than get the bike before hand, I'd work up a nifty certificate on the computer to give her that says you're going to get her the bike of her choice, then take her out to do some bike testing. You could go custom -- steel and aluminum aren't as expensive as Ti. At her height and inseam, there will probably be some issues with fit that may eliminate many bikes from consideration. Best bet is to find good LBS that can do a good fitting (and has good tri-knowledge).