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Saddle sore wont leave!(2 posts)

Saddle sore wont leave!tantalus
Oct 27, 2001 5:52 AM
4months one saddle sore gets better then gets worse when i increase saddle time. If i stop riding it goes away entirely but as soon as i start riding it comes right back.
Ive been on antibiotics which helped but when the meds ran out it came back. Ive tried lancing it yesterday w/ some drainage. Ive even shaved.
I use hibiclense antibacterum to clean my shorts and my bottom before and after rides. Sitz baths cortisone RX strength cream etc. Running out of options, can a surgeon just cut the chunk out of my freakin rear?
Sounds like a cystmatt
Oct 29, 2001 7:30 PM
Sometimes they are caused by ingrown hairs, but sometimes they are cysts that just wont go away until drained by a doctor. The obvious questions you wash your shorts after every ride(don't laugh some people don't)...instead of drying your shorts try line drying them in the sun, the uv rays are supposed to act as an you change out of your shorts as soon as the ride is over. That is really important. That wet funk by your sack is a breeding ground for bacteria. I had one last year that had to be lanced and drained by the doc. I shave the nethers now to keep that from happening again.